We get a look at Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment’s AI growth, as well as the results of a player analysis and some costume screens.

One of the main focuses of the Hollow Fragment will be to build social relationships with other characters; not only for romantic purposes, but also because their usefulness in combat grows with your bond. While going on romantic dates will enrich your relationship with the heroines on a personal level, you can also bond with them on the battlefield.


There’s also the Player Analysis feature for your partners, which will give you a read-out (shown above) of how your partner is doing after a battle.

From top to bottom, this is what the text in the screenshot says – according to SGCafe:

Favourite sword skill: Penetrate
Commonly used attack support skill: War Cry
Commonly used defense support skill: Parrying
Commonly used debuff suppor skill: Hiding Slide

Battle type
Damage Dealer. One who often aids you with Switches and Combo Skills in combat. A reliable partner who risks life and limb alongside you.

Relationship level: Closeness Rank 3
Max damage: 0

The Player Analysis menu also has three diamond-shaped diagrams in the lower left corner that give you an indication of the attack type, defense, and buffing/debuffing actions your partner will tend to perform.

  • The red diamond (attack type) shows combo skills (left), attack support (center) and switches (right)
  • The blue diamond (defense) shows covering Kirito (top), drawing hate or aggro from enemies (middle) and defense support (bottom)
  • The green diamond (buffs/debuffs) shows healing (top), stunning enemies (middle) and debuffing support (bottom)

When these play styles are changed through providing feedback to your partner and you meet certain pre-determined conditions, the various heroine costumes that you see below can be unlocked for selection;








In addition, it’s been noted that while the PSP Sword Art Online title didn’t have an inventory management system (much to many a user’s dismay), the PlayStation Vita title will – there’s a couple of screens to check out below;

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is set to release April 24th in Japan, with Tyler and I still praying to the gods of gaming for some localization love.

  • I really am loving Leafa’s alternate costumes, and like how deep they’re going with the social aspect this and connect it to battle. May cannot arrive any sooner for the Asia version.

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    REALLY REALLY needs localization :'(

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