A recently released trailer gives us a look at the costumes and weapons brought over from the Infinite Stratos series.

Costumes included in this collaboration include those of Infinite Strratos characters Ichika Orimura, Houki Shinonono, Cecilia Alcott, Charlotte Dunois, and Tatenashi Sarashiki – weapons included are the Long Sword, Heavy Bowgun, Lance, and Light Bowgun.

All these items are available to check out in the following trailer;


Monster Hunter Frontier G’s Infinite Stratos collaboration goes live April 30th in Japan.

  • Buckybuckster

    With the number of Japanese titles that are now here or are prepping for their western release, I wonder if we are any closer to seeing MH making the journey in someway shape or form. With Bamco showing it’s fans in the west much Vita luv all of a sudden (wonder what prompted the change?), seems more likely we will see God Eater 2 make the trip before MH.

    Then again, with no disrespect to MH fans of course, I wonder if a Monster Hunterless Vita is of any concern anymore. It’s not like we are suffering from a lack of choices within the genre nowadays.

  • nonscpo

    Surprised by the ammount of anime compilations we keep hearing about for handhelds. I tried watching the Infinite Stratos anime but couldn’t get past the first two episodes (not into Mechs). Anybody know if the Harem portion is what attracts people to this franchise or fan service?