Finish Line Games has announced that wacky racer Cel Damage HD is set to release next week in North America.

Cel Damage HD is coming to PlayStation Vita (and PS3/PS4) April 22nd in North America, with three way cross-save and cross-buy functionality. No price has been announced, but it’s sure to be a hell of a deal considering how many versions of the game you’re getting. That said, it’s notable that the Vita version is a little different in terms of features – but that shouldn’t hold you back from what I hear is a very unique and fun game to play.

Not long now to wait for Cel Damage HD in North America, though it appears Europeans may have to wait a while longer for their announcement/release. Don’t worry though, The Vita Lounge is here to keep you informed when it happens 😉

  • Wow, already? I thought it was a good week off still. Next week’s gonna be nice with this, The Walking Dead, and Demon Gaze.

  • Lester Paredes

    Meh. But good for anyone who wants it.