Two more Silent Hill games are coming to PlayStation Vita, and they’re coming “soon”.

Available for £7.99 each when they release, it still isn’t clear whether the two games are simply updates of the existing PSP versions (to be compatible with Vita) or enhanced ports specifically created for PlayStation Vita. Either way we could definitely use more horror titles, so good on Konami for delivering – whatever the method.

If you’re one of those that missed Origins and Shattered Memories in their original incarnations (like me) here’s a little bit about the games (and a trailer for each);

Silent Hill: Origins was first launched for the PSP back in November 2007 and put players in the role of Travis Grady, the story being a prequel to the original Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was first launched on the PSP, PlayStation 2 and Wii. It offered a unique twist on the series’ usual formula, removing all combat as the player guides Harry Mason through a re-imagining of the original game.

We hope to bring you a release date shortly.

(Note; the featured image is an upscaled PSP screenshot and is not necessarily representative of the products in question)

  • aros

    I hope these are Vita native games, if they are this is fantastic news and if they sell well could potentially see a new Silent Hill on the system. If they are basic psp games using backward compatibility then an announcement is confusing and sadly probably won’t sell well. I will stay tuned to TVL as always- have you reached out for clarification?

    • Lester Paredes

      PSP games, dood. Just PSP games.

      • aros


        • Lester Paredes

          Yeah, it is. But Shattered memories is much better than the Silent Hill slop they’ve been putting out since Homecoming. Just be aware that it’s very adventure game in premise, but believe me, it’s still creepy.

  • Kurisu Makise

    Silent Hill Origins is available on PSN for PSP, as is Shattered Memories. It’s entirely possible and probable that this is simply just the emulator being updated to allow them to be played on Vita. They’re currently $9.99 on PSN NA store as well so…I’d dial expectations way back.

  • I’m hoping this will be both for the EU and US stores for download directly to the Vita. These two were among my favorite PSP games.

  • coco_wolfie

    more than likey if Kurisu is correct it just EU’s chance at them. but we dont hear about many psp releases these days so that gives me hope, I might still be interested and theyre the same price as indvidual Sly HD ports, so… we’ll see :/

  • Lester Paredes

    Good! I loved these two games on my PSP. I’m surprised that Shattered Memories is so expensive on the NA PSN. 30 bucks! They do currently work for NA Vitas, but through the PS3 transfer workaround, if I’m not mistaken. Silent Hill Origins is just 10 bucks. I hope this comes true for us over here too, because I’ve been wanting to make a trek through a good Silent Hill lately.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Hell yeah! loved both games!

  • lanm

    This is odd; I was under the impression that the PSP version of these games were already available on Vita but hadn’t been made available in my region. I am in Australia
    (Region 4).

    I have Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill: Book of Memories on my Vita, and will definitely buy both 0rigins and Shattered Memories as soon as they are out!

  • italodance

    Both are only old psp ports what a shame.i even asked that from konami but they removed my question lol

  • Brendan Sebire

    In case anyone was still wondering when these would come out they have been cancelled or were never coming in the first place. ;( Don’t know why it wasn’t announced here. (Scroll down for post)