Thanks to Siliconera (who themselves were tipped off by Kotaku) it seems that the iconic Tales of Hearts R will be seeing a release in the west this winter.

Bandai Namco had a now-removed video on Youtube confirming this, but Siliconera readers managed to grab a still:

Tales Image

We have filed this under rumours for now until we get an official announcement, but any Tales fans here? Would you buy this in an instant?

Released in March last year in Japan, the title is an update to the Nintendo DS title of the same name and is a 3D role player and scored quite favourably when it was released.

We will bring you more news as and when we have it!


Kyle found the video, what has been uploaded by “NoGamesPortable”.

  • Lester Paredes

    Another JRPG for me? I’ll take it! I will hopefully be done with FFX or Ys or Persona 4 or Atelier Totori by then. If not, well, just add it to the shamefully large pile…

    • Buckybuckster

      Nice knowing that I’m not the only one who suffers from that affliction!

      With the Vita becoming an absolute JRPG beast in the west, it appears our piles are fated to become even larger and more uuhhhh… shamefully-ier. As for Hearts, the news made my year!

  • れいか

    OMG!! I would gladly take it!!


    day one for me!

  • Jody

    Im totally hyped for this game…but it sucks notably that other regions did not receive an rpg mmo yet….