New revelations have come to light about the development of Titanfall in Geoff Keighley’s book-app The Final Hours of Titanfall and how Sony tried to get Respawn to bring their new game to the PS Vita.Before Titanfall was even close to being a finished game, it was known internally as R1, the first game to be made by the newly created studio Respawn. The game developers were tinkering with ideas and had already been given the specs for Microsoft’s next generation console, then known by the code name “Durango.”  They quietly reached out to Sony to see if they were willing to share the specs for their next generation console which was known only as “Orbis.”

As it turns out, Sony was holding their cards close to their chest and weren’t willing at the time to share any technical specs of what would be the PS4 to Respawn just yet.  They had another idea in mind however, and that maybe Respawn would want to bring their new game to the PS Vita instead. Sony even offered to help develop the game.

In the end, Respawn’s Titanfall would be heavily funded by Microsoft, and thus any chance for it to come to Sony’s handheld was erased. The game would eventually be released as an XBox One/360/PC game and stay exclusively in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Respawn’s co-founder, Vince Zampella, has stated that future Respawn games won’t be exclusive to Microsoft’s platforms and will also be coming to the PS4. While it’s unknown whether or not any of those games will make their way to the Vita, dreamers can still dream.

Would Titanfall, a multiplayer/online only game have worked well on the Vita? Would it unseat Killzone: Mercenary as the best portable FPS? What do you think?

  • darkknezz

    I would have been totally down for this game on vita. As it is I’m still considering it for the 360.

  • italodance

    My beloved and unlucky Vita why? 🙁

  • Jesse Johnson

    It’s a great game. I would play it on any platform.

  • Lester Paredes

    I’d have been down for it. It would have been hard, I think, for them to get the concept to work on Vita, though. I sure hope they bring their future products to my favorite, and often overlooked, game machine.

  • nonscpo

    As unpopular as this is to type I’m glad we didn’t get it. I’ve never been sold on the FPS experience on the go and recognize that some genres play better on consoles then handhelds. Titanfall on the Vita would have to have been increadibly polished for it too have worked.

  • Buckybuckster

    It’s kinda hard to say. FPS games on the Vita have been more miss than hit with Killzone being the crown jewel.

    Doesn’t look like Borderlands 2 will be able to unseat it so could the fictional Vita Titanfall have done so? Maybe, but I kinda doubt it. But unless the sequel somehow finds it’s way onto the system, we’ll never know.