After a very good indication that it would be coming West just a few days ago we’ve now got an official PlayStation Blog post to put all of our worries at rest.

J. Kartje from Bandai Namco Games has taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce that Tales of Hearts R is coming to the West this Winter. The most asked for JRPG to come to Vita, its announcement has even prompted a video message from Hideo Baba – the producer of the Tales of Hearts series – which we’ve included below.

Check it out;

Though it’s clear a few names have been changed from the Japanese version (and even from past English versions), here’s the synopsis they’ve given for Tales of Hearts R on PlayStation Vita;

“The adventure starts with Kor, a young man living in a small village by the sea. While watching the house in his grandfather’s absence, Kor meets a young woman named Kohaku who has come searching for his grandfather.

However, a mysterious witch soon appears and casts a spell on Kohaku’s Spiria, the embodiment of her heart and soul. Kor attempts to lift the spell, but while doing so he accidentally shatters her Spiria Core, the source of her emotions. Armed only with the Soma, an unusual weapon given to him by his grandfather, Kor must now set out on a journey to find a way to make Kohaku’s Spiria whole once more.”

Tales of Hearts R is due out this Winter; we promised to keep you apprised of any developments between now and then.

  • Jimmy Rustler

    Great news, I’ll be sure to buy the hell out of this. Hopefully strong sales of this title will prompt Bamco to bring over Tales of Innocence R, SAO Hollow Fragment and God Eater 2.

  • Got it pre ordered already. I cannot wait for this. I played and played and played Innocence R, despite not having it translated.