Bandai Namco recently revealed that Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is coming to North America this Summer as a digital download.

Though it won’t  be seeing a retail release over here in North America, it appears as if you’ll at least be able to buy it digitally (saving me, Tyler, and plenty of others who’ve been excited about the title since the start the “import tax”).

If you haven’t heard of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, have you been sleeping through all these posts?

If you have, here’s the just; you play a character of your own customization (originally Kirito, from the anime) who takes on a virtual reality game called Sword Art Online. In this game, you’re dropped on the 76th level of the Tower of Aincrad and told that to escape the game you’ll need to reach the end of the 100th floor. Armed with some friends (or some AI friends if you can’t find some ad-hoc ones) you’ll attempt to muscle your way to the top of the tower – and the end of the game. Winning the game means “Kirito” (or whatever you’ve named your player) gets to go back to his real life.

Check out this gallery of English screens;

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be released in North America this Summer, with no word yet on a European release.

  • Chief

    Oh Yes!

  • nonscpo

    Id rather pay the import Tax and get the physical ASIA copy with the english text, its the Soul Sacrifice Delta story all over again (and I thought Id have at least a month to get over that dissapointment). Im happy for the folks that wanted the digital copy, but once again those of us that wanted the boxed copy will miss out again 🙁

    • Kyle Wakeling

      You do know its only a partial English translation in that Asia copy right? Worth the wait and the lesser price to grab a copy I can play without much thought IMO. I can read Japanese (and could get by with the JP version fine) but English is just easier.

      Maybe I’m lazy, or maybe it’s this stack of games building steadily behind me – but I’d rather the cheaper, easier route with no box.

      • nonscpo

        I respect that you might be okay with the digital library, but some of us are roughing through this digital transition, call me old fashion but I like having a physical copy that I can claim as my own. Also some of us want to buy one memory card and make that the only memory card, I feel sorry for the Indies but realistically its impossible to buy and play all the games in the library.

  • Great news, though I am still gonna import the Asia version. “Summer” could mean June, or August, or later, so I’m definitely not patient enough for that 😛

  • This is the best news I’ve gotten on all day. Would of loved a physical copy but its coming west which is what I’ve wanted :DDDD

  • Marcus Blackstock

    Looks pretty cool.

  • Escapethemoi

    Congratulations NA, fuck me for living in Europe.

    • Ladyjaye

      You’ll be happy to learn (if you didn’t know already) that the game will also be released in Europe and Australia (alas, still download only).

  • Buckybuckster

    Wow! Within the space of 2 weeks, Bamco has managed to about face my opinion of them. I really wonder what’s prompted all of the love all of sudden. Whatever the reason, I’m psyched and happy with the change. Can a God Eater 2 announcement be forthcoming?

    Wouldn’t be surprised if some Girls and Panzer news hits us down the line too! Nams, I officially forgive you for wrecking Vita Ridge Racer!