Minecraft VitaIt seems so long ago that we were treated to the news that Mojang’s acclaimed hit Minecraft would be making it’s way to our portable of choice after Sony’s Gamescom presentation, but it really seems that our wait could soon be over. Following a sneaky tweet from 4J Studios, which had the Vita version running behind a bottle of rum – our first view of the Vita edition – Mojang then answered a few questions on the PlayStation Blog.

For those that have never played it, Minecraft is a game for those who love to build and explore. The only limit is essentially your imagination. Crafting, collecting, mining, building and losing many hours of your life, the series has sold crazily since it’s inception – over 21m copies of the heavily compromised Pocket Edition alone show that there is a market for the title in portable form. The series has sold more than 35 million copies across all formats.

Mojang’s Owen Hill has seemingly allayed some fears about to the Vita version after a long period of speculation and silence from all involved on a EU Blog post announcing a retail release for the PS3 version.

Replying in the comments he confirms that:

  • Mojang are aiming for a Q2/Q3 release for the Vita version
  • The Vita version will be up to date with the console versions and he expects the frame rate to be lovely and smooth
  • News on possible cross-buy/play will be announced soon
  • They are exploring the possibility of transferring PS3 worlds to the Vita version

Whilst we here at The Vita Lounge cannot wait for more news or screens, just the confirmation that it will be on a level to the console version and could be here before the Summer is exciting enough!

We will of course bring you more news as we have it. Are you excited for Minecraft? Out of everything upcoming that we know about, I personally think that despite it being an acquired taste, Minecraft has serious potential to shift many Vita units. Especially if it was bundled with the game.

  • cross-buy/play with the ps4 would be probably the best thing ever.

  • Christian

    Is that picture of the box art official? Are the Vita and PS4 versions getting retail releases?

    • Mauricio Quintero


  • Lester Paredes

    Not my thing, but I know people love it.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Love that box art! just perfect.

  • れいか

    Cross-play PLEASE!!

  • Lance Laudato

    When is Q2/Q3

    • Mauricio Quintero

      Summer or Autumn.

    • April, May,June Q2. July august september Q3.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Just hopping for compatibility with music application!

  • aros

    They could mean FY q2,3 which would be July to December.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      I’ve never seen someone use fiscal year when announcing video game release dates before, so I doubt it.

  • nonscpo

    I know a lot of people are into this game so I’m glad that it will move Vitas off retail shelves. However this isn’t a game for me, don’t have the hours to spare and as I understand its a very multiplayer focus game.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    And a database of the maps like in LBP!