Ustwo, the developers behind the popular iOS puzzle game Monument Valley are looking to bring the title to PS Vita. Released just last month, Monument Valley has quickly attracted tonnes of attention and skyrocketed to the top charts of iTunes.

In an interview with The Guardian, developer Neil McFarland said the team is currently working on new levels  the Android version of the game. When asked about bringing Monument Valley to other platforms, he said: “We’re looking at getting it on the PS Vita, and a lot of people ask about a PC version, but we’re portrait and touchscreen, so it’s not easy. We could do it, but it would be a bit crap.” Ustwo also has a notable history with Sony, having developed many of Sony’s native apps on Xperia Android phones.

Hopefully this means we will be seeing this creative new title on Vita sometime in the near future. Do you want to see Monument Valley come to Vita?

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    Looks quite a bit like the screens I saw for Pavilion. I like these “alter the world” type things. Similar concept to fez but 3D.