We told you earlier this month that Escape Hatch’s crowd-funded save combat simulation would be released this week, and today is the day! Or yesterday for those in North American regions. Gary Gaber from Escape Hatch took to the EU blog to explain a little about the title.

He says that the game comprises of a 40 hour single player experience which features both third and first person experiences and contains a “robust and one of the reasons we did not ship back in December as originally planned. The game supports several play modes for up to eight players in both team and deathmatch configurations, and makes available all of the fighters, bombers, and transports from single player, plus additional multiplayer only craft, including several enemy craft.

The modes include Free For All (Deathmatch based on frags or timer), Team Deathmatch, protect the flag, and capture the flag. The “flag” in this case is a sphere of light which you can control for your team.”

Kyle previewed the game back in October and felt that there was a decent game in there which needed refining and polishing, so the lengthy delay may well have helped the title. We hope to bring you a review of it soon!

It will cost you £12.99/€16.99/$24.95 to buy it. Did you back the project or play the beta? Have you bought it already? Get in touch and let us know what you think.

  • ruefrak

    I never heard of this game until just this week. How is that possible? I guess i wasn’t paying attention, but it looks awesome. I’m hoping it plays pretty well because I haven’t played a great space game since… X-Wing vs Tie Fighter? Damn, has it been that long?

  • Lester Paredes

    I want to play it, but I don’t have the money right now. But, soon. Soon. From the beta that i played, it definitely gives me a Colony Wars vibe.

  • aros

    It’s meant to be absolutely awful, sadly.

    If you are in the eu and add the demo to your basket on the website store, you get the full game unlock instead.