Sega‘s Football Manager Classic 2014 is warming itself up for a May release in North America according to developer Sports Interactive.

Already available in Europe, Sports Interactive revealed in a Tweet that they were hoping to release the football management simulator during last week’s PSN update. May 6th has now been earmarked as a potential release date for the title, although this is not set in stone.

The game will see a digital-only release in North America, with no price currently set. Football Manager is well known for it’s addictive, time consuming gameplay and has been cited as a reason for divorce by many Football Manager widows!

As and when an official release and price is announced, we at The Vita Lounge will keep you informed. Until then, why not read our site’s founder – Paul Murphy’s, review of Football Manager Classic 2014.

  • Lights

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to call it Soccer Manager over there?

    • Buckybuckster

      You know, 10yrs. ago I would say yes. But things are quite different nowadays especially here in the states. With BPL clubs drawing anywhere from 40k to 100k fans when they play over here during their pre-season, even casual sports fans know that the term football can refer to the sport we call soccer. We even get to view more televised BPL matches than you get to see in the UK. Odd but true.

      With the expanding growth and popularity of the beautiful game over here (under 30 folks rank it as their 3rd most favorite sport tied with baseball), I think a name change isn’t needed. Nice to see the game come over.