More news has come to light concerning the highly anticipated Freedom Wars. Sony recently updated the game’s website with new information concerning the six weapon classes that will be available, along with a new trailer highlighting many of them.

Thanks to the translation provided by Siliconera, we now know that weapons in Freedom Wars will fall into one of six different weapons types, and that each weapon will have a rarity level associated with it. Players will be able to equip up to two different weapons, while Accessories, the AI sidekicks, will be limited to just one weapon at a time.

The weapons will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Light Sword: These weapons will provide for quick and rapid attacks that will provide little room for your opponent to counter-attack.
  • Great Sword: Swords in this category, which also include hammers and tachis, will give you the ability to charge your attack to determine the level of damage to be inflicted. The downside is that while the sword is charging, you will be more vulnerable to attack. To compensate for this, the direction of the attack can be changed while the weapon attack is charging.
  • Spear: These weapons will allow the player to attack from multiple vantage points. What sets these weapons apart is that they increase in damage when the player is in a “critical state,” which presumably is referring to a situation in which the player’s health is extremely low.
  • Personal Equipment Firearms: The personal firearms will be made for quick and rapid attacks while also allowing for use of the whip at the same time.
  • Multi-Purpose Firearms: These guns will feature an increase in firepower but at a cost of much lower ammo capacity.
  • Team Support Firearms: Net guns, laser guns, and gatling guns are some examples of the Team Support Firearms. These weapons will provide a large punch while suffering from limited mobility and a reduced ammo capacity.

More information is slowly being released about Freedom Wars as the launch date quickly approaches, and we will have more information as it comes.

The game is scheduled for release on June 26 in Japan and sometime later in 2014 for Western territories.


  • The weapon variety is what I would expect from a Monster Hunter clone. The execution looks SO good. This game cannot come out soon enough!