Japan-only horror series Hayarigami comes to PlayStation Vita (and PS3) this August.

It appears as if Nippon Ichi has revived one of its not-so-recently-used series’, bringing Hayarigami (the last title of which was released on PSP in 2009) to PlayStation once more.

A game where you use logic to solve supernatural cases, Shin Hayarigami follows protagonists Saki Hōjoō and Sōjirō Sekimoto as they try to capture a serial killer called the “Blind Man” who murders his victims to feed his rage addiction.

The Blind Man Arc will apparently serve as a prologue for the game, with the player able to tackle one of seven different arcs depending on the actions they take. A final arc will also be opened for play once all seven of the primary arcs are complete.

Shin Hayarigami is set to be released on August 7th in Japan, with localization unlikely (but never impossible).