Unlimited World Red finally gets a European release date, bringing with it some new media and information.

Europeans, rejoice; not only have you gotten a release date for this new One Piece title, but it’ll be coming in one of two special editions as well.  These special editions are available only to Europeans (as North Americans are only treated to the digital version of the title), however you’ll still be able to grab the anniversary pack costumes no matter what your region.

Here’s the contents of the first special edition, titled the “Straw Hat Edition”;

  • One Piece Unlimited World Red full game
  • Exclusive Costumes: 10 outfits – Luffy Strong World Outfit & the Anniversary Pack with 9 outfits commemorating Japan’s 15th anniversary of the One Piece animated series.
  • A unique quest where the 2 brothers are re-united: “Flame Fist & Straw Hat”
  • This terrific Anniversary Pack won’t be sold later!

We’ve also got a day 1 edition titled the “Chopper Edition“, the contents of which are below;

  • Key Holder of Chopper
  • 10 stickers of the Straw Hat Crew members and the game logo
  • Wall scroll of Chopper
  • Lanyard with Chopper
  • Artbook
  • The Takoyaki DLC Pack (3 costumes & 1 quest)

They’ve also released renders of some anniversary costumes and a few new screenshots, which I’ve added below.

And you should check out the 5 minute long Journey of the Pirate King trailer, which I’ve embedded below as well.

One Piece: Unlimited World Red will be available in Europe and Australia on June 27th, and North America this July – keep tuned to TVL and we’ll keep you updated on any new information as we acquire it.

  • Escapethemoi

    Anyone know if this game can be “enjoyed” (aka not getting too confused about the story) with minimal knowledge of the anime? I’ve watched about 150 episodes back in the day but don’t really have time for that now with two small kids. I really like the series otherwise.

    Or should I just read the manga? Did that with Dragon Ball, android tablet at work is lovely.

    • Thulsa

      I’ve only watched a few of the yearly movies and I’m buying this day one (“Chopper Edition“ for me), I don’t think a massive knowledge of the story line would effect enjoyment of this game but you might not get a few of the in-jokes. I can’t really think of any games that you would ‘need’ to have any knowledge of as most of the time any relevant background story is usually told in cut scenes at the start or just as its relevant to know.

  • Kurisu Makise

    North Americans have a physical edition Kyle…GameStop exclusive, but it exists: http://www.ebgames.ca/vita/games/one-piece-unlimited-world-red-eb-games-exclusive-day-one-edition/319179