Atlus have graciously asked the public to help decide which of the five character creation finalists will get their idea put into the game.

Here’s the lowdown, courtesy of their press release;

“We received more than 200 entries fantastic entries for the Citizens of the Year and we’ve narrowed it down to these 5 finalists. Thank you all SO much for your awesome submissions, we’re trying to order a refrigerator big enough to put them all on display!”

….and here are your five finalists to choose from;



“This gas giant loves space, in all its vastness. As proof of his commitment, he even sleeps in rocket pajamas and rocket bed sheets! Though, in truth, I suspect this manchild really just longs to experience a reduced-gravity environment… And I bet he still giggles at “Uranus” puns! (But then again, who doesn’t!?)”



“This girl doesn’t need ‘protective eyewear’ or other silly precautions: She is one with the bees! To be fair, I only named her a finalist because I was afraid she’d send a wave of bees in my direction if I didn’t! Also, she bribed me with honeycomb… Also, the honeycomb may have been poisoned…”



“When he’s not breaking bones, setting himself ablaze, or leaping out of thirteenth-story windows, he’s… well… Actually, we don’t know quite what he does because he’s pretty much ALWAYS breaking bones, setting himself, ablaze, or leaping out thirteenth-story windows! Sometimes, all three at once!”



“This kid’s arsenal is as impressive as it is improvised. He knows how to turn a cardboard box and a bed sheet into hours of fun! What he lacks in social skills he makes up for with an over-active imagination (which, we all know is just polite-speak for ‘potato chips and foam sword nonsense’!).”



Where to begin! She has this little puppet-thing,… and she talks to it… and it talks back… and it’s all really just kind of weird. But it shows conviction and dedication! She made it onto my list of finalists because, like me, her diet consists mainly of birthday cake, soda, and spray cans of whipped cream.”

Five completely different designs, each with their own unique backgrounds and personalities; it’s hard even for me to pick a favourite. If you’re more decisive than I am however, you can submit your vote by clicking here. Voting on these characters will end on April 30th, with the winner set to be announced May 6th.

Citizens of Earth is set to release later this year, you know where to check for more information. 😉