Game Atelier has canceled their Kickstarter campaign to fund Flying Hamster II after securing funding from indie game publisher FDG Entertainment.

Funding for the action-adventure RPG was not getting much traction and had been stuck in the $30,000 range for a number of days. This is well short of the $150,000 goal they were originally seeking.

In Game Atlier’s press release they note that this new arrangement will hopefully allow them to create a better product in the end as they can begin work immediately, and won’t have to spend time and resources dealing with Kickstarter rewards for backers.

That said, people who had decided to back the project will receive some reward for “spreading the word” about Flying Hamster II, though there are no specifics at this time.

FDG Entertainment’s co-founder Thomas Kern stated:

“FDG Entertainment is an indie game publishing company with a focus of high quality, fun to play games. We’ve been following Game Atelier’s impressive quality productions since the release of Flying Hamster and loved their talent and passion which made their games clearly stand out from the crowd. We’ve been excited about the Kickstarter Project of ‘Flying Hamster II’. Being gamers from heart since the early days, we couldn’t do anything but fall in love with the game. We are convinced that this kind of game is what people are still looking for these days, so we jumped in to make sure this game is going to happen and fill us all with joy. We are excited to cooperate with Game Atelier in order to make the game become a reality and warp us back into the days of exciting 2D action adventures with the sensation of exploration and wonder.”

The plan now is to get the game completed and released on PC and Steam first before being ported over to other platforms. There was no specific mention of the PS Vita in the development time-line, but since it was one of the original target platforms, it’s safe to assume that it will eventually make its way to Sony’s handheld as well.

You can learn more about the game from our earlier announcement of the game or from the Kickstarter site.