We get a look at a whole smorgasbord of new screens from Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Рcovering costumes, weapons, skills and even a little hand-holding.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment just released last Thursday in Japan, so of course we’re getting some more screens to try to entice a purchase out of us. Unfortunately, a good portion of us are now awaiting the North American release this Summer – but to those lucky few thinking of importing or reading from Japan, we’ve got some teaser screens to tickle your urge to buy.

First up we’ve got a bunch of costume changes, both for your version of “Kirito” and your female companions;

Next we’ve got a set of special weapon renders;

Some screens of special skills acquired from completing objectives and fulfilling certain conditions;

…and lastly, a few screenshots revealing that you can hold hands on a bench (holy $#!7, right? :P)

  • Mauricio Quintero

    C’Mon people! you can do more!

  • nonscpo

    I was so excited that this game could come to the west, however that digital release is going to hurt. I’ll probably skip this game now, if DBZ an established franchise couldn’t get a physical copy release then an upcoming IP like Sword Art Online had no chance to begin with. I can’t belive I’m writing this but I’m So glad that Attack On Titan is on the 3DS, maybe well see that game someday, maybe.

    • Lester Paredes

      Wow… I just realized that I’ve never seen a physical box for this game on vita…

  • xPreatorianx

    Heh…I bought the limited edition import just waiting on it to arrive. I also plan on getting the NA release this summer. Either way I’ll have a physical AND digital copy. One in my chosen language and the physical copy as an import with all the goodies.