Sony has taken to their PlayStation Asia blog today to post more information, and a new story trailer, for Freedom Wars.

As the release date for Freedom Wars quickly approaches, it seems as though there is an avalanche of new details being released. The latest trailer highlights more of the story aspects of the game and provides a better look at a number of the characters.

The post explains how the battle between the human players and the other Panapticons (PT) will play out.

“The story is also centered on how the sinners fight each other in order to contribute to the PT that they belong to. The independence and existence of PT all depends on resources obtained and recaptured by the sinners. During this process many sinners are sacrificed as well. Different from the battles against the adaptors, fighting with other sinners is a much smaller task which requires high speed actions. In other words, the use of long distance weapons or skills for short distance attacks from the blind spot is necessary.”

But that’s not all. More videos have surfaced featuring the game’s multiplayer mode that was taken at the Niconico Super Conference 3 in Chiba a few days ago. They showcase the game play in Freedom Wars, providing a split-screen view of the action to show how each player will view a battle.

Freedom Wars is scheduled for a Japanese release on June 26 with a launch in Western territories later in 2014.

SOURCEPlayStation Blog Asia
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  • Mauricio Quintero

    Soul Sacrifice was a total score, but this, c’mon.

  • Freedom Wars keeps looking better and better. With a bit of luck, they might replace the monster hunter series altogether!