Curve Studios has announced release dates for three of their upcoming PlayStation Vita titles.


The first of the three to hit, retro-styled shooter Titan Attack! is set for a May 6th release in North America and a May 7th release in Europe.


Second in the release line-up is The Swapper, which was originally set for a May release but had to be delayed. The Swapper is now set to release June 24th in North America and June 25th in Europe.


Last, but definitely not least, is the puzzle game MouseCraft – a game which has players dropping Tetris-like blocks in stages to guide mice to cheese. It’s set to release July 8th in North America and July 9th in Europe.

Are you looking forward to any of these Curve Studios titles? Let us know in the comments.

  • Lester Paredes

    I gotta say that the Swapper is the only one I’m currently interested in, but I do hope the other games are good.

  • aros

    Looking forward to Titan Attack considering I expect a £3.99 price. Interested to learn more about the Swapped and will consider it. Mousecraft I will pick up in a sale. Looking forward to Curve’s future output too.

  • ruefrak

    So many games… I can’t stand it anymore!

  • Mostafa M. A. Morsy

    finished the swapper on steam
    its amazing

  • almostautumn

    The Swapper definitely seems like a heavy-hitter, and Titan Attack seems like it could be a surprise blast.
    MouseCraft I’m all for trying, but I’ll probably wait for a demo/trial before jumping, even with good press.

    But also I’m hoping these games don’t all go free a few months after release. Always feels like a kick in the you-know-where when that happens :/

  • aros

    How hard is The Swapper? I have a logical mind and get frustrated with games where solutions are seemingly random.