After Kyle brought you some news last week about the upcoming Avoid Droid for PS Vita, a “passive shmup fruit ‘em up arcadey dodger”, developer Infinite State Games got in touch to show us some exclusive new footage and some new screenshots to give you a greater understanding of what to expect.

Launching first as a timed exclusive on the Vita (and arriving on iOS after that) the premise is incredibly simple. Your Droid loves fruit, and the opposing droids need to be avoided. Collecting fruit will trigger an explosion; and when you have a large amount of fruit on screen collecting one will trigger a chain reaction of explosions which will obliterate these robots. This in turn heavily increases your score, the main point to the game and the reason you will keep coming back to it.

Infinite State have said that there is quite a bit of replay value with a Time Attack mode, Chill Out Mode, and Remix Mission Mode with 50 unique challenges to defeat. There are also leaderboards and the ability to unlock custom droids and droid parts.

Avoid Droid will arrive this summer and we will bring you more news as we have it. What do you think about Avoid Droid?

  • ruefrak

    I was just thinking yesterday that we needed more “passive shmup fruit ‘em up arcadey dodger” games for the Vita. This one looks like it will fit the bill nicely.