From UK based indie developer Wales Interactive comes a new free runner game: Infinity Runner. Described as a clash between Mass Effect and Mirror’s Edge, Infinity Runner puts you in the first-person shoes of a prisoner trying to make your way out of a spaceship in the process of being destroyed. You can see the slick Sci-Fi action of Infinity Runner in the trailer:

The developers also stated that Infinity Runner will have a singleplayer consisting of 14 uniquely designed levels and a mysterious multiplayer mode that allows up to 32 people to play head-to-head.

Infinity Runner is set to come out first on PC platforms June 2nd, followed by consoles (including Vita) later this Summer.

  • aros

    I wish runners would bore off back to mobile where they belong.

  • Lester Paredes

    Well, it sounds like a good mash-up, but unless they’re going to do some totally awesome parkour like Mirror’s Edge, I’m not particularly interested. Hopefully, they live up to the game they cite as inspiration for the game play.