What better way to spread the word to the masses than through some futuristic idols, right?

The inhabitants of the various Panopticons don’t have a lot to look forward to, so to keep them from getting any crazy ideas there exist a group of “Propaganda Idols”.

These “Propaganda Idols” were created through a secret sampling of appearances and voices from the population of all the Panopticons – the samples typically used to create special high-grade Accessories. These idols are built to a special specfication however, and unlike the regular Accessories are engineered to have just the right amount of emotion and personality.

Check them out;

Those names are pretty imaginative, don’t you think? What do you think of Freedom Wars’ version of idols? Let us know in the comments.

Freedom Wars releases June 26th in Japan, and is coming to the West sometime this year.

  • nonscpo

    Yes…Who doesnt love some good old fashioned propaganda?