Indie developer RocketCat Games, famed for mobile titles such as Wayward Souls, Punch Quest and Mage Gauntlet, have hinted that they plan to release their titles on the PlayStation Vita.

When Twitter user and RocketCat fan @wilflare stated that he would like to see more iOS games on the Vita, specifically those made by RocketCat Games, the developer responded with ‘We plan on this’.


Although there isn’t much information to go on just yet, RocketCat Games back catalogue does include some brilliant titles which would be perfect on the PlayStation Vita.

As soon as any details emerge about this possibility, we here at The Vita Lounge will be here to keep you informed of any developments.

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  • almostautumn

    Pretty exciting. Mage Gauntlet would be a perfect fit. With physical/responsive controls, the repetitive bits would probably be far less noticeable too.

  • aros

    Let’s hope they price appropriately for ios ports.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    I got a feeling the Unity Team has something to do with this..I just cannot say for sure because I don’t know whether RocketCat uses the Unity engine or not to make their games.

  • aros

    Is Mage Gauntlet an endless game? I personally find them very boring and not console games in the slightest. Is Hook Champ Rocketcat? I would pay £5.99 for the trilogy with physical controls.

    • Mage Gauntlet is a retro-style action-platformer. It’s a bit repetitive, but overall a solid game, and one that would hugely benefit from physical controls.
      And yes, Hookchamp (and the other 2 Hook games) are from RocketCat also.

      • aros

        Sounds good, hopefully Mage Gauntlet and the Hook Trilogy. Can TVL reach out to them for an interview regarding those games?

  • Buckybuckster

    “We plan on this”. Makes it pretty clear doesn’t it? I know nothing of the company and its wares but hopefully they bring some quality games to the Vita.