Soul Sacrifice Delta is set to receive an update featuring a collaboration with the Wild Arms game series on May 1st that will add a whole host of new features to the game.

When the update lands, players will be able to battle in ‘Alice’s Infinite Temple’. This Survival type mode will include new monsters and randomly generated maps and is featured in the trailer below;

The features of the update were decided upon with help of the game’s players, with fans providing input on the accessories that are included. Accessories that did make the final cut include;

  • Knight Blazer Costume (below)
  • Rudy’s Hair and Bandana
  • Hanpen (Accessory for head)
  • Mask of Asgard
  • Hayokonton Mask
  • Liz’s Mask
  • Siegfried’s Mask
  • Alhazard’s Mask
  • Lady Harken Costume


Also included will be a new story quest called ‘The Lost Singing Voice’ – which will tell the story of Grim Fellow Sorcerer Rumpel and character voices for Morgan le Fey and Merlin will be added to the game.

With Soul Sacrifice Delta set to release in on May 13th in North America and the day later in Europe, this update should be coming our way in the near future. Until it does, keep your eyes on The Vita Lounge for all news relating to Soul Sacrifice Delta.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    You know, I gotta say I’m loving this new attitude from developers. Some say it was brought by SNK when they started the idea of integrating their work and mix it with other developer’s content to come up with something entirely new. That was brilliant at that time but SNK restricted it to their NeoGeo devices and the public only got to know and approve it when Capcom decided to bring it on to the other platform in the form of the ‘Versus’ series. And then, this: developers bringing together part of their work via a collaboration scheme. I first liked it when Tecmo Koei teamed up with Gravity to bring some very cool DoA costumes for Ragnarok Aficionados and now you can try the brand new Soul Sacrifice outfits as well! They’re asking for no money, but if it was labeled a price, I’d gladly pay it to show my support.
    Collaboration and partnership For The Win!

  • Owen McNamara

    Awesome! Loved the first two Wild Arms games.