Bandai Namco Games America has announced details of upcoming RPG Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment‘s storyline.

In Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment you will take on the role of Kirito. Kirito has been locked in Aincrad, a Virtual Reality world, by the creator of the game. Thousands of other players, including characters that were popular in the original anime series, are also trapped with Kirito. The players must explore the fantastical and dangerous world and defeat the enemies that they come across if they want to escape. If the player dies in the fantasy VR  world, their character will die in real life so fighting is essential for survival. By actively engaging with monsters and characters in the world, players will experience breathtaking combos, aggressive battles with jaw-dropping attack actions and powerful burst attacks.

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Bandai Namco Games America, Chris Gilbert, says that Sword Art Online is a highly rated series that contains storyline and battle elements that seamlessly translate into a thrilling RPG experience,” he goes on to add that “With the series’ storyline rooted in a vast virtual reality game in of itself, players can look forward to being immersed in an unique game within a game as they explore the dangers and wonders of Sword Art Online.

In additional news, Bandai Namco Games America also revealed that previous game in the franchise, Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, will be included in HD as a companion title to Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. Originally released for the PlayStation Portable in Japan, this combo will be the first time that both titles have featured together.

Scheduled for release in a digital format only, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is set to release in North America this summer. As always, The Vita Lounge will keep you up to date with all the news surrounding this title as it happens!


    what about europe???

  • nonscpo

    Dammit NamcoBandai of all the titles you had to pick for localization why did SAO have to digital-only release. I can’t tell if they love or hate their fans.

    • I agree. I hate to sound ungrateful, but man, pushing digital only is a surefire way to make sure I’ll never buy it unless it goes on sale, or I’ll import it.

  • GOTB

    yeah what about europe bandai namco ?