Curve Digital have been at the forefront for many the great indie ports over the last year, and have really cemented their place as the go-to place for developers looking to bring their titles to the PlayStation platform. They have already brought us Thomas was Alone, Stealth Inc., Lone Survivor, Proteus and also ported Velocity Ultra to the PS3. Their ever-growing reputation has led to them being in control of three more ports simultaneously and as I was really looking forward to seeing what they have been up to, I set off on a warm Tuesday evening to London to meet them.

First up we have Titan Attacks. Releasing next week and supporting cross-buy for all three platforms (as all three titles are) the title is a fusion of many games – most notably Space Invaders – and is a lot of fun. As the last surviving tank commander in the world you need to repel the invading forces from Titan across 100 different missions, and along the way you get to upgrade your ship with hard-earned bounty. I didn’t get much time with the title unfortunately, but I can tell you it’s insanely addictive. It was originally conceived by Curve that both this and the follow-up, Revenge of the Titans would be released in a double package, however issues converting the title from Java meant that rather than delay the whole package, they would release this first. We will bring you a full review as soon as we can!

Next we have The Swapper. Set for release on June 24th/25th, this eerie platform-puzzler from Facepalm Games instantly caught my eye. I played the first level and was instantly captivated by the impressive art style (created by clay models and there materials) and impressive atmosphere. Invoking a feeling of Lone Survivor, Limbo and Dead Space I really am looking forward this being released. Equipped with a device which enables you to create up to four duplicates of your character, you use these clones to assist in solving puzzles and progressing through the environment. It’s an interesting take on the genre and definitely one to look out for.

Finally we have Mouscraft. This title from Crunching Koala’s was the one I got to spend the most time with and I was very impressed. Due for release on July 8th/9th, this puzzler is a glorious fusion of Lemmings and Tetris. Ultimately, you need to guide your mice to the cheese through tricky arenas, armed with “tetrominoes”, Tetris shaped blocks to aid your mice on their way. Strategic placement will enable you to collect all of the shards within the level in order to attain perfect scores. Frustrating and satisfying in equal measures, there is plenty within this title to keep you going.

We will bring you prices as soon as we have them, and of course get reviews when we can. Have you played these titles already? What are your thoughts? Get in touch in the comments.

  • aros

    Getting more interested in The Swapper.

  • Buckybuckster

    Intriguing concepts for all three titles. Looking forward to the reviews.