Boasting character designs from the man who worked on the Iron Man, Avengers and TransFormers films, we brought you the news last month that MechRunner had appeared on Kickstarter appealing for $25,000 to help finish it off. Set for release this summer it features “endless-style arcade action game mixed with fast and furious mode-changing mech action” according to the project’s page. Constantly on the go, missions could last seconds or minutes depending on your skill and feature the ability to switch forms along the way to causing some serious damage.

The main features are:

  • Meticulously detailed, fast-paced action
  • Switch between Tank and Robot modes on the fly
  • Slice & Dice enemy units with your swords
  • Extensive arsenal of weapons, customizations, and power-ups
  • Unique environments that blend seamlessly together
  • Procedurally generated levels for endless variety
  • Numerous enemy types with different tactics
  • Epic boss battles!
  • Dynamic environment obstacles
  • Unlockable skins, upgrades, and achievements
  • Rescue civilians for extra points and rewards
  • Amazing Hollywood quality soundtrack

Like what you see? Sounds like a bit of you? The game is on Kickstarter until May 17th and it needs another $18,000. If you would love to see it happen, why not throw a few pennies their way?

  • darkknezz

    Already did myself. I hope more people jump in on this

  • nonscpo

    Hmm not sure will have to look at their kickstarter page.

  • aros

    This looks comfortably among the worst vita games. I wish runners would stick to ios. Such a boring genre.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    I’m sorry I wish this game was representing some other kind of genre. I do not like the ‘runner’ genre at all. Simply because Vita is not about that. Games on a platform (I mean both ios and android) are just an app which will have you distracted for a few minutes or that last thing you may want to play around with before it gets you to sleep after working hours.
    Now, games on a gaming platform are on a different level. These are storyline-based, they have to have the start, middle and the end. We want a mission to last for minutes, not just a few seconds. The least they could do is make this game F2P and still, I think it wouldn’t see that many people grabbing it.