Charlie brought you the news last month about the upcoming Legend of Doodle and today we got our hands on a few new details and screens.

The game has been in and out of PC development for several years, but is finally gearing up for a Q2 2014 release. In it you guiding the hero, Doodle, through a “hastily-scribbled world” and along the way you will experience many different environments as you seek to free the kingdom from the evil King HB. Exploration is rewarded with many secrets and collectibles.

The main features of the game are:
– 500+ bite-sized challenges
– several worlds to explore, each host to a variety of new obstacles and mechanics
– tons of secrets to find, and bonus content to unlock
– moody, atmospheric, original soundtrack
– lengthy boss fights throw you into unique situations with several offbeat enemies
– unlockable 2-player modes put your skills to the test in competitive and cooperative challenges

There is no word on pricing still or an exact release but we will bring you the news when we do.

  • Lester Paredes

    Evil King HB. It’s corny, but the artist in me likes the call out to pencil lead hardness.