SCEA are holding a contest to pick new botzone bot names, keeping track of leaderboard stats for the next seven days and picking winners in six different areas.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog today, it seems as if SCEA is holding a “name our bots” contest in everyone’s favourite portable shooter.

Here’s the meat of the post, including the official rules;

Starting now until May 9th at 8:00 AM Pacific, the registration site will be live. At the registration site, you must log in with your PSN credentials. Type in 3 bot names you wish to submit for possible inclusion. Read the Official Rules and then click on the box to confirm you read the rules.

This is how you could win: from the start of the competition phase on May 9th at 8:01 AM Pacific until May 16th at 9:00 AM Pacific, we’ll keep track of the leaderboard rankings in the following categories in all public multiplayer matches:

  • Most Grenade Kills
  • Most Interrogations
  • Most Rescues
  • Most VAN-Guard Kills
  • Most Headshots
  • Most Kills

All players from Argentina, Canada (excluding Quebec), Chile, Mexico, and the United States who successfully submitted their entry to the website prior to the competition phase are eligible to win. The top 5 registered players in each category will get 1 of their 3 submitted bot names into the game, assuming said names meet the entry requirements in Section 7 of the Official Rules. You can only win once, and only public matches will count.

So, in short:

  1. Enter before 8:00 AM Pacific on May 9th right here.
  2. Play as many public multiplayer matches as you can, in any game mode (without sucking), to increase your chance of winning.

Here’s what you need to participate: a PS Vita system, the Killzone Mercenary game (patched to the latest version), and an internet connection. That’s it!

Winners will be announced via PlayStation.Blog.

So make sure to sign up at the official registration site or your entry won’t count!

Good luck to all those who enter, let us know how you do (and what crazy names you submit)!

  • Wish I hadn’t already slammed the Platinum out, as I definitely would have put my fair shake in this. Always had a X2 positivity with K/D in Mercs, but honestly, once I hit that 10k kills, I really just couldn’t muster anymore interest in playing.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    I’ve been playing Soldier Training for a while. I gotta say the game is captivating until you notice the 10min window has closed and then your back at the map selection, there goes other 50sec until your done selecting the same map and start it all over again. That bothers me. I get it, the game has small maps, up to 8 players and no setting for how long I want to play it?! It’s just like an other line of code to be added and your done!
    Plus, it’d be awesome if only they supported community maps. Oh that would be a huge win for the game!

  • Owen McNamara

    Funny, you have to play against people to name a bot. I’d think the players that are going to hit those “Most ___” leaderboards are the ones who aren’t going to be interested in facing off against AI, even if they carry their namesake.