I am by no means a seasoned racing game driver, and I’m fully aware that my racing skills are non-existent. Just in general, any type of driving in any game, I’m automatically going to be bad at it – it’s just how it is. Though as I knew this game was developed by Evolution studios, to which I have played their WRC games in the past, I knew I was in for something good.

My terrible skills aside, MotorStorm: RC happens to be the first MotorStorm game I’ve ever bought, as I’m generally not great at racing games. I become too competitive, and have been known to swing a controller above my head in anger, like a cowboy swinging a lasso; but I keep coming back to play this game!


Even though MotorStorm: RC was released in February 2012, I still turn it on today for quick sessions – still trying my hardest to beat my friends scores. For anyone that may have missed this game, you race tiny RC cars around maps which actually have the same theme as maps from previous MotorStorm games, so fans of the series may recognize some things. You can either race against your friends’ ghost cars, against a clock in time trial mode, or try to over take a set number of cars in a set time. The cars themselves are great, from tiny muscle cars, to buggies, big rigs, and even an ice cream van.


One of the things I love about MotorStorm: RC, is that it actually reminds me of ‘Super Sprint’ and ‘Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road’ from the 80’s; and maybe a bit of Micro Machines. I used to love playing ‘Super Sprint’ in the arcades, so it was awesome to find another game in a somewhat similar style. The big difference being that in ‘Super Sprint’, you had a fixed camera revealing the whole map, whereas in MotorStorm: RC the camera is closer and follows your little RC car. For me, I find it hard to navigate at times because there is no on-screen map, so I’m panicking every few seconds as I’m also forgetting where the turns are. The maps aren’t particularly big, but I’m still racing each lap as if it’s my first. If you do mess up a lap, you can quickly reset your RC to the track. If you’d like to restart the race, that’s easy too – a quick restart button throws you right at the start line, no need for loading screens.

The game does offer quite a nice chunk of gameplay for such a low price. With six festivals to play through, you’ll unlock new challenges the more medals you earn. Challenges consist of drifting, pursuits and hot laps. With well over forty races and events, and each race only lasting a few minutes, it’s a perfect pick up and play game. I’ve even had a few races standing in line at an airport.

There are two types of control schemes which you can test out right at the start, none of which I found particularly appealing. The great thing about this game though, is that it lets you fully customize your controls. Once you find your own perfect set up, the game becomes that much more fun; you’ll be cutting it close to corners in no time. The touchscreen is only used to scroll through menus, which is fine as I can’t think of any other way to use it. Plenty of games use the touchscreen where it isn’t needed, so props to Evolution Studios for keeping it simple and convenient.


My only real negatives about the game are the lack of an online multiplayer and the music selection. It’s a real pity not having an online multiplayer or ad-hoc mode, and it sucks that as close as you get to an online mode is racing against your friends’ ghost cars. On the PlayStation 3 at least they have a split-screen mode – but still, that’s not enough either. As for the music, it’s very repetitive; I think there are only six songs, which are a mixture of dance and dubstep. Not my kinda’ tunes I like to hear when driving, never mind in a racing game – a little variety would do them wonders.

There is something to be said for a racing game to keep me coming back. In this case, even as a not-very-keen racing game fan, I am coming back to play this one. I bought it at release, but at the minute you can pick up MotorStorm: RC – The Complete Edition for a low price from the PSN Store. At that low price you’ll get all the added cars, six new tracks, twenty-four new events and the PlayStation 3 edition. This game also supports cross-save; so any time and anywhere, you can keep chasing those high scores.

  • JamesMatthewEverett

    There are different options for the view, by the way.

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    My first ever platinum trophy came from this. Absolutely awesome fun.

  • Lester Paredes

    This and Arctic Edge were my favorite Motorstorm games. Probably because they were so portable. Too bad Arctic isn’t available in NA for vita anymore. Unless someone has it working via the ps3 work around. In which case, please let me know.