We get some information on the Monk and Cannoneer classes – two of the eight available classes you can choose from in Oreshika.

The Monks in this game are Kenpo-trained and excel at close range combat, able to perform multiple hit energy hits in rapid succession. They also have an above average kick, able to repel any foe with a single bit of contact. Monks aren’t built to use heavy armor, but have a high evasion rate to make up for it.


The Monks might have the advantage close range, but Cannoneers are the advantage winners at a distance. With the ability to switch between powerful single shots to shotgun-like spread pattern ammunition, they’re also good for attacking single or multiple foes. Their only downside is that they can only use light armor.


The goddess Nueko (who sacrificed her life to bring the family back to life) will be joining your party later in the game. Nueko has her own unique Summoner-like job class called Onmyoshi, and uses a whip based on a centipede Shikigami to attack rows of enemies at a time. Her only downside is that she can only equip light armor, but she has a high evasion rate to compensate.

Nueko will be able to use other Shikigami, each with different abilities on the battlefield. When Nueko calls a Shikigami they can either appear as a part of her body, as a “spirit” that lasts a few turns, or as a sign of certain effects.



Here’s a look at one of the Shikigami Nueko can use, called Ushiomaru. It’s a fiddler crab Shikigami and when summoned, Nueko’s arm gains some pincers. These can be used to chew through enemies like scissors through paper.

She can also use the crab’s hard shell to guard from attacks, making it an efficient Shikigami for both offensive and defensive purposes.


Lastly, we’ve got a look at Tama and Tora; two lion Shikigami with fire and ice elemental affiliations. Once summoned, they can do massive damage to all enemies in the front and back rows.


Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is set to be released on July 17th in Japan, with a Western release in the books but not yet dated.

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