Gust has recently announced that Japanese life-simulation game Ciel noSurge will be coming to an end with a final chapter set to release.

Gust announced, at an event, that the game will be coming to an end with a final chapter. During this event, a slideshow gave a glimpse of this final chapter – the ‘Grand Finale’.


Although details are thin on the ground, Ai Kakuma – who does the voiceover for Ion, said that ‘I feel sad that it’s going to end, but I’m also excited to see what happens next for the girls. To those of you who’ve kept up with us until now, please look after us until the very end!’


Originally released as one episode, Ciel noSurge had more episodes added as DLC. Gust will announce more on Ciel noSurge‘s final chapter in the near future, and as they do, The Vita Lounge will be sure to keep you updated!

  • nonscpo

    So was this a visual novel?

    • devilmaycare34

      Not exactly. I bought japanese psn plus and they give you this as part of it. I haven’t delved into it yet but it’s a beautiful game. Life simulator is probably the best description though. From what I saw on youtube it the gameplay reminded me of the idol rooms in project diva f. If you class Love Plus as a visual novel rather than a love sim then it could probably be called that.

      • nonscpo