Developed by SWDTech Games, Pixel Noir is a RPG that combines Film Noir detective skills and traditional role-playing elements into a great looking 16-bit game currently seeking Kickstarter backing.

In a recent interview, the man behind the game’s music – Kunal Majmudar, spoke in detail about the game and the team of people behind it on it’s quest for Kickstarter success.

Majmudar describes Pixel Noir as ‘a JRPG inspired role playing game with a few upgrades in mind, including atmosphere and style‘. Taking inspiration from a whole host of games, such as the Final Fantasy series and Super Mario RPG, Pixel Noir places you in the shoes of an ex-police detective. Ten years ago, you lost your job due to poor leads on a cold case, and now your character spends his time drowning his sorrows with alcohol. However, new information is uncovered on the case that cost you your job and with that, your character sets out to discover the truth about what happened all those years ago.


Kunal Majmudar then goes on to describe the different types of gameplay that Pixel Noir offers. He says that ‘there’s adventuring, and then you actually go into town and you talk to people and go on quests and mini–quests‘. As you are a detective, there is also an investigation mode which is very similar to the [Batman] Arkham games‘. As well as using investigation mode to unveil clues and documents to assist your case, it is said that this mode can also be used in battle to see if ‘there’s a bottle on the floor that you can run to and grab—you can chuck it or drink it for health’.

Pixel Noir‘s combat is turn-based, and Kunal says that it will be similar to combat in Super Mario RPG. In Super Mario RPG, anytime that you are hitting an enemy or defending from an attack, you can hit a button at the right time and you’ll either do extra damage or you can block some of the damage from the attack… We loved that idea, and wanted to put it into our game in our own way.


It is also said that combat will feature a destructible and interactive environment. For example, a bottle on the ground can be thrown at an enemy to injure them. A chandelier above the action can be shot down to squash unsuspecting enemies below it. Tables and chairs can also be used as makeshift cover, so by paying attention to your surroundings could make the difference in the course of battle.

Another great feature of Pixel Noir is an in-game card game. What appears to be an enjoyable mini-game, the card combat game will actually be very extensive. The card game will be a fully functional game that you could spend hours playing and having fun with according to the development team.


Pixel Noir boasts an impressive development team, SWDTech Games, which is made up of 12 team members. Each of the members of this team has a history of working with games, with staff previously working for DC Comics, Sony and Square Enix.

Pixel Noir‘s Kickstarter goal is to see the game launch on numerous platforms by the end of the year. Until then, you can listen to part of the game’s soundtrack here.

As always, The Vita Lounge will keep you update on whether Pixel Noir meets its Kickstarter goal and any other news that emerges surrounding this promising title.

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  • Buckybuckster

    Looks nice in a 16bit kinda way. Looking forward to hearing more info on the mechanics of it’s gameplay.

  • Lester Paredes

    I hope they make their goal, but with only 3 days left, I don’t see that happening. Shame. It looks cool.

    • Charlie Large

      Fingers crossed it does! I would love to see this game, sounds really good!