We take a look at three of Toukiden Extreme’s new weapon types; the Kanabo, the Naginata, and a new firearm of sorts.The first of the new weapons, the Kanabo, is wielded by a character named Soma – the captain of the third “Hundred Oni Corps”. A spiked or knobbed club, it won’t have much speed – but it’ll more than make up for it with its superior range and power. Hitting enemies with the tip of the Kanabo will increase the damage output, continuously doing so will boost your attack with each hit (up to a certain point). The Kanabo will also be able to repel enemy attacks, though it’s not clear how at this point.

The Naginata will excel in pulling off combo attacks (unlike the similar spear weapon), as well as also having a feature that allows wielders to ward off enemy hits.

The final new weapon they’ve shown is the gun, which has a neat feature that allows you get into stance and see the target’s weak spots – shooting at them to increase its power. Gun-wielders will have access to several different types of bullets, and will be able to throw bombs. Shooting the bombs you’ve thrown can have different effects depending on the type of bullet you use, with certain combinations having devastating effects.

Finally there’s the Destroyer feature, which unleashes a powerful attack to defeat smaller enemies in a single blow or sever the body parts of larger ones. It’ll be getting an upgrade called “Extreme Destroyer”, which can sever multiple body parts at once.

Toukiden Extreme is set to be released in Japan sometime in 2014.

  • nonscpo

    I would prefer them to improve the current weapons before adding new ones, will reserve final judgement until once I’ve played Toukiden Extreme.

  • Lester Paredes

    I wish this was coming out as DLC, not a ‘new’ game. Still, I did like Toukiden a lot. Might take the plunge if I can find a good deal on it. The Naginata sounds like a good time…

  • Luthee

    I like the new weapons !
    When I read the word Destroyer I thought Dainsleif (Ragnarok Odyssey) and got scared for a bit because I hate the Ragnarok Odyssey function that ruins any kind of balance in it. But afterall it doesn’t seem like it’s the same… thank god !