A new gameplay video for the upcoming monster-hunting RPG Freedom Wars shows off the game’s battle chops.

In this “volunteer mission” gameplay video, we get a look at a battle with a winged-tiger like creature called Koushin – an Abductor hailing from a “city-state in the sky” called Divine Punishment.

Check it out;

Freedom Wars is due out in Japan June 26th, with a Western release slated for later this year.

  • That was painful to watch…the person playing is terrible! Otherwise, the game still looks great, though I am hoping every stage is not an arena like the one shown.

  • Dave

    Game looks great. This and Borderlands are top of my vita list. Pity Borderlands isn’t out here in Europe until the 28th, or so says IGN. Seems like an odd date since most games are released here in Europe on Fridays.
    Anyway lets hope Freedom wars gets a western date sometime soon.

  • Can’t wait for this game. I’m definitely going to go through the hassle of switching my Vita’s account once the demo is made available for the public.