The only box this cat’s playing with is the one his mice are trapped in.

The mastermind behind this game is named Schrödinger, and he’s a crazy cat scientist who has dedicated his whole life to studying the concept of ‘mice motion’ energy. Thus far, he’s been unsuccessful – however he hopes to change that with his latest invention.

Schrödinger’s newest machine is powered purely by ‘mice motion’, a chunk of smelly cheese being their inspiration to move and generate energy. With eighty different parts to activate in his machine, you’ll have to guide eighty different mice to their destinations in order to get the machine running – and to find out just what this invention actually does.

Can you help this crazy kitty redeem himself? Check out the fanatical feline in MouseCraft’s latest animation trailer;

MouseCraft is set to release July 8th in North America and 9th in Europe.

  • Lester Paredes

    That cat creeps me out. I have no idea why…

    • Buckybuckster

      Sad to say, I had the same exact thought lol!