Risque card battle game Monster Monpiece is set to hit Western shores as a digital download later this month.

Idea Factory has announced that card-battle strategy game Monster Monpiece is set to release on May 27th in North America and May 28th in Europe – the pricing for North America revealed to be $29.99.

If you’re interested in learning more about the title, check out our previous coverage of the game – otherwise have a look at this new set of screenshots;

We’ve also got a look at some of the card designs, which are edging towards the not-safe-for-work zone;

Look for Monster Monpiece when it hits the PlayStation Network at the end of the month, and as always stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for all your PlayStation Vita news and reviews coverage.

  • Lester Paredes

    That’s a lot for a card game… and my wallet is already suffering from the Releases of God Of War Collection this week, Borderlands 2 next week, and Sly Collection at the end of the month! Not to mention a certain non-PS Vita game that sounds a lot like Kario Mart on the 30th… and I just think I’ll save what little I have left over for Rorona Plus. But, if it goes on sale, and it gets good reviews, I might just buy in. Get it? Buy in? It’s a card joke… Ill see myself to the door.

    • nonscpo

      The game is a very mature card game where you rub both vita touch screens to strip the cards. What I’m more concerned about is whether or not there will be a demo.

      • Lester Paredes

        Or a strip tease! Hey-oh!

        I’ll show myself the door…

  • Buckybuckster

    I find it kinda interesting that this game has become the gaming community’s poster child for the ills of censorship. I viewed a heated arguement on the Gematsu forums where many are boycotting the game due to the removal of some of the more revealing cards.

    • nonscpo

      The problem with the censorship issue is that both sides have valid arguments to make. What I’m concerned about is whether of not there will be a demo available, cause without one I can’t see myself trying this game out, or buying it. $30 is too much for a relatively uknown IP, especially one that created so much controversy.