Gamers in NA have known for a few weeks that they would be able to get their hands on Borderlands 2, either next week (on the 13th May) or through the Slim bundle which launched last week and seemingly sold out everywhere. By contrast, SCEE have been extremely coy about when we would be seeing it in Europe. Finally we know for sure, following this announcement on Twitter.

This will also translate to a 30th May release in the UK. We will bring you a review as soon as we can.

Have any of our NA readers picked it up already? What do you make of it?

Credit to Mad Mike for the image.

  • Dave

    Can’t wait, though its a shame we have to wait until the Friday for the game here in Ireland. I want a physical copy so even if it pops up on the store on the 28th its not much use to me.

  • Lester Paredes

    I wonder why they were so cagey in announcing a European release date. Oh well. I’ll be playing it next week, so I’ll count myself very lucky.

  • Lights

    “This will also translate to a 30th May release in the UK.”

  • Buckybuckster

    Man, I’ve been feverishly scanning the interwebs trying to find any offical review but have yet to find any. Thought that maybe Sony had placed a review embargo on it until the 13th. Then I stumbled upon a site that had an explanation as to why they had yet to post a review. And if true, it’s not good news.

    According to, the delay is due to the number of game breaking bugs that cause the game to freeze and force you to restart. As least 3 DIFFERENT ones by their account. They have contacted Sony to inquire about a patch being released, possibly before the 13th. They have yet to hear anything back.

    I hate to be the harbinger of bad news but if this is true, that’s the only thing it can be deemed. Just wanted to let you all know what I’d found out. Now I really can’t wait until we get the Lounge’s review. My fingers will be hopefully crossed until then.

    • Dave

      I doubt this very much. Not saying there are no bugs in the game but this site is making it out to be that every person with the game either is or will experience these bugs. Less popular sites like this like to make mountains out of mole hills with this kind of thing to increase the number of hits on their site.
      I have seen a lot of gameplay videos online and the vast, vast majority of players state that they are very happy with how the game runs and performs on the vita.
      Some bugs are to be expected, it happens with all video games these days and i don’t doubt that some players have come across game freezes and crashes but it’s most likely a very small percentage of users with the game that have been affected. If this were true and the problems were more widespread, then the popular gaming sites would also be reporting on this.
      I’ll decide for myself when I get the game day one.

  • CooPerMan

    29th May ,Same week as Watchdogs (27th) is released on most consoles so this is not the best timing from Sony. Why so long after the US release? If it was out now I would buy it but will probably wait a few weeks after release, though it does look good on youtube postings from the US