Have you ever played and enjoyed Irukandji, Bullet Candy or Scoregasm? If so, this news post could be for you! The developer of those titles, Charlie Knight, took to the EU Blog to announce that a sequel, Son of Scoregasm will soon be hitting the PS Vita.

“I’ve tried to create something slick, varied, challenging and fun that plays really well on PS Vita. The game is a sequel to Scoregasm which was released in 2011, and in essence is a refinement of that game, taking the best bits and improving the rest.

Son of Scoregasm is a twin stick shooter, though not in the typical survival style. Instead, the game is comprised of a series of interlinked levels that you progress through in a non-linear style. What this means is that there are multiple paths through the game, ranging from fairly easy routes to some that are pretty hardcore. The levels themselves are designed to be different, and there’s a real variety of enemies, traps and bosses for you overcome as you explore the game and find all the exits.”

“For scoring, you’ll need to shoot enemies. Didn’t see that one coming, eh? However, using your pulse attack to kill enemies will turn them into multiplier tokens that increase your multiplier and allow you to score more points per kill. If you’re going for big scores, you’ll need to work out the right balance between pulse attacking for multiplier tokens and shooting for points on any given level.”

Development for the game is almost finished and Charlie is aiming for it to be released at the end of June.

“Son of Scoregasm is in its final stages of development now, and it should be out around the end of June. At present I’m working on getting Trophies, Leaderboards and all that cool stuff in place. It’s exciting to think that pretty soon folks will be able to play it!”

Any twin stick shooter fans here, or fans of the original?

  • Anthony Brinklow

    I would love an indie developer to make a spiritual sequel to Smash TV. Procedurally generated rooms, game show style, crazy enemies, daily challenge. It could be awesome and would make a nice change to the standard style of this type of shooter. That said, this looks good and I’ll grab it in a sale.