According to a post at VR Focus we could be seeing some sort of Vita integration with the upcoming PS4 Virtual Reality headset.

In a video preview for CVG, Simon Benson – director of the World Wide Studios (WWS) Immersive Technology Group said:

“Really you want to make sure this isn’t an isolated sort of thing. In the old days it was pass the controller, now it’s pass the virtual reality headset, you know? But everyone can be involved. One thing we have on there is this thing we call a social screen that allows you to see what the person that’s in the virtual reality space sees on the TV. So they can see the experience and therefore talk to them. They can actually interact with it and maybe use a Vita as a second screen and actually control what’s going to happen to this other person and then see the reaction which is often priceless.”

What do you think of this potential connection? Another gimmick and pointless use for the Vita, or is it something you think might catch on?

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  • ruefrak

    I think this could possibly be the greatest party game of all time. One person wears the Morpheus while all his buddies use the Vita to throw crazy stuff into his “world.” Then everyone can laugh as he freaks out. It cracks me up just thinking about it.

  • nonscpo

    Terrible idea if your going to immerse yourself into VR the controler needs to be as comfortable as possible, besides even if they attempted to incorporated into the game like the Wii u how would it work? Are you going to take off the mask everytime you need to touch the vita?

    • ruefrak

      No, I don’t think they want the player to have it, they want other people to have it to interact with the guy playing. You would be able to see what the player is seeing on the Vita screen and then interact with him that way.
      The player is going to be holding a Move controller or a DS4.

      • nonscpo

        So kinda like DS DOWNLOAD PLAY?

  • Lester Paredes

    Gimmick. They sure like to talk about tethering the Vita to other things. How about giving it it’s own identity? The Vita’s not a barnacle, Sony. Stip. Just stop.

  • Buckybuckster

    My initial thought was to dismiss the idea outright, but I suppose it could be good. But to be honest the premise does little to excite me.

  • JonathanisPrimus

    Morpheus is just more bad news for Vita. It’ll stretch Sony’s development resources even further. Hopefully it doesn’t end up as another one of their fading interest products like Move, 3D, and Vita.