Nippon Ichi drops some new details regarding the upcoming Japan-only horror game and its characters.

This new title under the Hayarigami series umbrella contains a cast made up of all new characters, while apparently retaining the essence of the past games in the series. That said, it’s not an official numbered entry in the series and as such strays from the norm a bit here and there.

In addition to including features from the previous games, Shin Hayarigami introduces a new feature called “Liar’s Art” that allows you to check a character’s psyche for lies and reveal useful information.

The main idea behind the development of Shin Hayarigami is the mentality of “Let’s make a game that everybody will find scary,” while still letting players play their way with unique choices. They really just want to make something that fans of the Hayarigami series (and fans of horror games in general) can appreciate.

Let’s have a look at two of the characters from the game;

Saki Houjou:


Saki’s an active young woman with a fresh demeanor and motherly instincts, but she’s also a determined police officer. Though she never complains in front of others, she does have a bit of a cowardly side – hiding it well under that refreshing personality. Saki specializes in psychological warfare involving “lies” and “acts”.

Sojiro Sekimoto:


Sojiro is a former university professor who studied urban legends. After being suspected of murder, he’s been spending some mandatory vacation time at a prison in Tokyo. During his trial, he claimed to have convincing information about an incident at a certain village, and will be reportedly cooperating with the police on the matter.

We also have a bunch of artwork you can check out;

Shin Hayarigami is set to release August 7th in Japan, with no plans to release in the West (that we know of).