Bandai Namco told us today that Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be released in Europe and Australia in July 2014.

Getting a digital only release and based on the novel, manga and anime, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment captures the characters and storyline of the SAO universe – a series of virtual-reality worlds set in the near future. Players enter the VR worlds of SAO and discover that the creator of the game, Akihiko Kayaba, has locked them inside these worlds. To escape these worlds, players must explore and defeat the enemies contained within. Continuing to fight is key inside the VR world – if the player dies in the fantasy world, he also dies in real life…

In a MMO-like world, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment offers to players RPG gameplay mechanics where combo attacks, execution speed and knowledge of the opponent will be mandatory to survive in this world!

We were also told that Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment – originally released in Japan for the PSP – will also be included in the release and boosted with a new lick of visual paint on the Vita.

We will bring you more details as soon as we have them, but feast your eyes on these new screens. Is this game on your radar?

  • Here’s to hoping the US release with coincide with the EU release date!!

  • nonscpo

    Good for Europe and Australia.

  • Escapethemoi


  • Thulsa

    I’m so bummed this is not getting a physical release in the west, I’ll still buy it but it will be the first ‘AAA’ digital purchase apart from a shit load of cheaper indies. I would get the Asia version with the english subs but the DLC will be a pain 🙁