Futurlab have posted on the EU Blog with a few new details for their upcoming platform/shooter hybrid sequel, Velocity 2X.

The follow up to the hugely popular and incredibly awesome Velocity Ultra, this title features more of what made the first game so much fun, but throws in platforming elements and puzzles in to mix up the gameplay. I played an alpha build of it at EGX last September and thought it was impressive then, and they have had much more time to polish it up.

James Madsen, Managing Director for the studio told the blog:
Velocity 2X has five beautiful environments set over 50 campaign levels and 25 bonus missions. We’re currently designing the final few levels of the game, so we can now just about see the finish line, though there’s plenty of polish left to add such as a final pass on the HUD and UI. Whilst we don’t yet have a release date, we expect the game to be ready for release later this summer.

V2xbThe transition from top down and platforming sections is instantaneous (with a quick little fade to black for the feels) and for those of you wondering about how the teleporting works between sections, it’s very quick and intuitive.

For example, if you’re flying along in your ship, you can drop a telepod anywhere as a way to return to that point later on. If you’re then in a platform section, you can drop another telepod anywhere on foot, and using the map you can instantly teleport between the two telepods you dropped. The game assumes that the player gets in and out of their ship, but the player doesn’t have to labour over it.”

James confirms Cross-buy and Cross save, and also provides a link to three tunes from the soundtrack, composed by Joris de Mann.

We are massive Futurlab and Velocity fans here at The Vita Lounge and cannot wait until the summer. We will bring you more news as we have it, but is anyone else as excited for this as we are?

  • Lester Paredes

    Looking better and better. Can’t wait for this game.

  • Buckybuckster

    Loved V1 and way looking forward to V2.