Hell’s #1 House (Compile Heart’s newest label) gives us a peek inside upcoming RPG Destroyer Trillion.

After getting his ass kicked by the demon lord Trillion, protagonist Zeablos sets out for a rematch with the help of six sort of friendly demon lord girls. They aren’t the only characters in the game though, so let’s take a look at some of the others.

Zeablos’ brother Astaroth, who seemed to have left when Trillion first appeared in the underworld, is pictured below. Astaroth was well known for his prowess.


There’s also Cerberus, the guardian of the underworld. He wasn’t always cute and innocent-looking, but the mystery surrounding his current form is still yet to be solved.


Then there’s this ring, which is a special item that can block Trillion’s miasma (to which more details will be given later).


Destroyer Trillion is set to release in Japan sometime in 2014, keep your eyes on TVL for more information as it becomes available.