Chris Jones from Sony XDev took to the EU Blog to chat about the latest chapter in Ovosonico’s upcoming side-scrolling platformer, Murasaki Baby.

The game features different backgrounds, which have different properties and allow Baby to progress through the environment in different ways.

The black and white background is called the “Heart of Stone.” Tapping the PS Vita’s rear touch pad will make Baby’s balloon magically become as heavy as stone. Perfect for the occasion when you need something solid to hold on to.

The blue background is called “Frozen Hell” and will freeze just about anything, including Baby’s balloon. While it’s great to freeze bodies of water, be careful not to leave it active for too long or Baby’s balloon will shatter.

When the green background, “The eye of scrutiny”, is activated, Baby will shrink. While in this tiny state, Baby’s balloon will lift her high into the air.

Finally, there’s the red background which is neutral. While there are no great powers to take advantage of here, when the red background is active, Baby becomes calm.

Murusaki Baby definitely has a lot of charm we really love the art style. Are you looking forward to playing it, or have you already got some hands on with the title? Let us know in the comments.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Great screenshots. I like the art concept of this game and its theme…exploring Baby’s nightmares sounds very captivating and challenging. I’m intrigued, wish I could play it right now.