Gary Nichols, the Managing Director for Atomicon took to the EU Blog to explain a little more about their upcoming PS Mobile revamp, Switch Galaxy Ultra.

He tells the blog that the game will feature:

  • 60 FPS Visuals
  • Online Multiplayer for up to four players
  • Cross Buy/Play/Save with the PS4 version
  • Seven upgradeable ships
  • Tons of “fiendishly fast” levels
  • Endless Survival Mode
  • 22 Page comic which unlocks through progression
  • DLC ready at launch with all the proceeds from the sale to their supported charity Caudwell Children. The DLC pack features news levels, an exclusive player ship and licensed music tracks.

Switch Galaxy Ultra is a fast-paced, reflex-based arcade challenge with two modes of play, and has you weaving across the galaxy in story mode, avoiding enemies and obstacles. Along the way you collect credits and look out for pickups on the track that allow you to obtain the best times.

Gary says that the game is entering the beta phase and should be launching soon.

There is more information on the blog, including a look at the artwork within the comic, created by Darren Douglas, a WipeOut veteran and published Judge Dredd artist. It’s well worth looking at.

We have a few images below. I’m definitely getting a WipEout vibe from them -how about you?