A few weeks ago we took our first dive into the development of Mind Zero with diary #1, now we’re back for a second round with diary #2.

In developer diary #2 we hear from Keiichi Kawakami, the Director of Mind Zero – he goes into more detail about the game, including more on “the making of”.

Check it out;

Mind Zero is set for release on May 27th in North America and May 28th in Europe.

  • Wow— ‘Jungian Tunnels.’
    So not only does it look like Persona, play (battle-system wise) like Persona, but the story is also based off the same area of Carl Jung’s psychological theories as well ( http://typeindepth.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/PSYCHO.jpg ).

    But that’s no put down; have had my pre-order since available; very excited about this game. Very brisk, approachable JRPG; just what I’m looking for.