In its first news since the initial trailer at Gamescom last year, BigFest recently popped up in a new Playstation Blog post. Giving a bit of a rundown as to what we can expect from the upcoming music tycoon Vita game.

The core gameplay of BigFest is building up your festival from a small show in the park to a celebration of massive headlining concerts while adding various shops and stalls to keep visitors happy and earn more money for growth. How you build up your music festival is entirely up to you.

The levels/challenges of BigFest are described as ‘Posters’. These ‘Posters’ consist of headline and supporting bands, and give you optional goals of making a festival of whatever kind of music you want or pushing you to stick to a specific genre. Fans of certain genres prefer different features at their festivals so BigFest’s ‘Posters’ will keep you on your toes if you want to succeed in creating the biggest festival you can.


BigFest uses real music from real bands, and you get to choose your festival playlist from a massive dynamic catalogue of songs that will change and grow with the BigFest community. Then within the massive list of real world tunes in BigFest, players can vote for their favourite bands and songs or share their best playlists with their friends. On top of that, BigFest offers many more options for friendship and competition: help fellow festivals with gifts and repairs, or sabotage their equipment and systems.

The comments on the PS Blog also suggest we can expect more info about BigFest soon. BigFest is planned to be released exclusively on Vita later this year!

  • Lester Paredes

    I totally forgot about this game.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Oh I was so afraid it got cancelled because I hadn’t heard back from them ever since last year’s Gamescom. I’ve been expecting this game for so long mainly because it’s Vita’s first SIM ever made for the device (and not a port, like Farming Simulator 13).

  • YES! been wanting to hear about this game for awhile now!

  • Anthony Brinklow

    I hope you can pay once and unlock everything, I really miss sim games. We have plenty of absolutely awful money grabbing pay2play games so I’m hoping this is an old skool style proper sim. I’m excited about the potential but extremely cautious looking at the screenshots premium currency.