Luftrausers developer Vlambeer have taken to the EU Blog to discuss more on their new title.

In the piece, Rami Ismail discusses how even they were surprised at a Let’s Play session with one player’s approach to a play through.

“As a game developer, you tend to know everything about your game, and that makes the game less fun to play. As a gamer, you can get attuned to that sort of thing when you game a lot. You know that feeling when you run into a room, and it’s stocked with weapons and ammo, and you know it’s time for a boss battle? We don’t have that, and we think Nuclear Throne is a better game that way. What we do have is the feeling of beating a boss with just three bullets and one health left, against all odds, because the random generation dealt you a bad hand, and you dealt with it.

Sometimes, the game surprises even us. We were watching a Let’s Play of Nuclear Throne’s Early Access build one day, and someone figured out that grenades can be hit with melee weapons. We knew that. This player was playing Steroids, a dual-wielding hulk that can fire both weapons at once — and in this case, they had a grenade launcher and a sledgehammer.

The player was stuck in a corner, down to just one health, and their grenades didn’t quite reach the snipers that were keeping them locked down in a small alcove. The two of us at Vlambeer agreed the run was over. There was no good way out. The player didn’t want to have any of that, though. They ran out in the open, aiming lasers from all directions immediately locking onto them. There was less than a second before the snipers would fire.

The player hit the fire button for both the grenade launcher and the sledgehammer at once. The grenade shot out, got hit by the hammer on its first frame, and turned into a deadly projectile that moved way further than it normally would. The grenade caused a chain reaction, and most of the snipers were taken care of in a single flash of brilliance. They cleaned up the rest of the resistance with some spectacular sledgehammer action, but we were so in awe of the sledgehammer-grenade trick that we barely noticed.

We never designed that to be possible, we just made grenades that you can hit with melee weapons and a mutant that can fire two weapons at once. There are thousands of interesting combinations like that, things we never considered, locked away in Nuclear Throne. It’s amazing that, almost half a year in, our players continue to show us new things about our own game on a regular basis.”

Nuclear Throne is an action roguelike and is described as a cross between “Hotline Miami” and “The Binding of Isaac”, and Rami says the game is still a few months off from being ready. We will bring you more news as we have it.

  • Anthony Brinklow

    When is Isaac coming? Is this confirmed for Vita?

    • Slizarus

      This is confirmed for Vita

  • Anthony Brinklow

    I hope for some persistence and a longer lasting game than Luft which was fun but very mobile-y.

    • Slizarus

      It’s a substantial offering, it’s already on PC in early access on Steam, hammering out the bugs and figuring out what’s fun and what’s not.